Leaving Home

We sold our home, cars, and furniture in the months before departing on our trip. We've been living on the boat since mid-June 2004 and really haven't missed the house at all (well... we DO miss the internet connection).

In the weeks and months prior to our departure, we have been overwhelmed by the thoughfulness of family and friends. We probably did more socializing the in the last three months than we've done in the last ten years! The dinners, parties, and special tokens were greatly appreciated and made us feel very fortunate to know such great people.

Waukegan, Illinois was our home port for many years. We loved the atmosphere and friendliness of the harbor. We have many fond memories of our friends there.   With Waukegan dock friends at send off party, August 2004


Eagle's Wings with "Farewell Waukegan -- Australia or Bust!" banner   For a few days prior to our departure, we flew a banner "Farewell Waukegan -- Australia or Bust!" off the side of our boat. We finally cast off our lines and set sail from Waukegan, IL to Manitowoc, WI the evening of August 10.