January 1, 2014 - April 7, 2014



* Ken Gets Fixed

* Going Polar


January 1 - April 7, 2014

Ken Gets Fixed (Not What You Think!)



We had planned to be in the US for three months, and Ken knew that his shoulder wasn't going to get better on its own. So he decided to have surgery.





The original idea was to get cut in January and be back on the boat by March. But the doc didn't like that idea -- seems there's a six month rehab time for bad rotator cuff problems. So here we are. In Wisconsin. In the coldest winter in a generation!

Going Polar


Hey -- we're not supposed to do winter anymore. We feel kind of like those ducks on the left. Why didn't we fly south?

Of course there are some consolations. Like the annual sturgeon harvest on Lake Winnebago.

First you have to get out on the ice -- it helps to have big wheels.


Then you sit in a shack, in the dark, and wait for a sturgeon to swim by. We understand that beer helps attract the fish.



And if you get cold, there's always a party.




But the reward can be a lot of fish to smoke. Not to mention caviar.


People bring their kids to watch the weigh-in. Usually the fish weigh more than the kids.

Going Stir Crazy


But mostly we're reduced to things like watching Jon Stewart on the computer.





And Ken is reduced to taking pictures of the frost forming on the window (did we mention it's cold?):




Anyway that's all (and quite enough) for the moment. EW is in safe hands back in NZ, where we hope to return in November. And we are starting to see signs that the Wisconsin winter may end before then.

We'll keep you posted.