Latest Update

August 3, 2015 - August 5, 2017


Well, okay, we may be a bit out of date here. Our last update was in August 2015. So it seems like our update interval has gradually crept up from about once every other day to once every other year.

However in response to an overwhelming demand from our readership both of you we've decided to finally get caught up.

This update has so much ground to cover that we are going to organize things a little bit differently. Part 1 of the update will be organized by general topic, rather than by chronological order. This chunk covers improvements to Eagle's Wings over the last two years. Part 2 will return to a chronological format and talks about where we've been over the past 2 years.

Latest Update (Part 1) - Boat Improvements

A topic near and dear to our hearts

Latest Update (Part 2) - Travels and Adventures

Where we talk about having fun on a sailboat -- which has nothing to do with real cruising